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Contractor Websites Design Cost + Examples Templates | Home, Electrical, Paint, construction.....

If you landed on this page, no doubt you are looking contractor websites design ideas, contractor websites examples, templates or you are thinking ”how much does contractor websites cost?”

I have the answers of all your questions. We will talk about top contractor websites, best contractor website examples (paint contractor, electrical contractor, general contractor, government contractor, home contractor and flooring contractors website examples.) and how much it will cost to make. 

I will also cover the best contractor web design services.

Website Design for Contractors

Contractors need a website more than a lot of businesses. A gret website can….

Best contractor website designers

M. Ahmad Mahboob (Web Designer & WordPress Developer)

M. Ahmad Mahboob (Web Designer & WordPress Developer)

My name is Muhammad Ahmad, the founder of My Code Free WebsiteI am a website designer with a small team and we help contractors to build their websites and boost their business.

Hire Contractor Website Designers for less than $15 per hour

Best Contractor Websites Examples

Being a paint contractor, electrical contractor, general contractor, government contractor, home contractor or flooring contractor. You need to reach more and more people to get more contracts. But in 2022 the only way to introduce your business to your customers fast and get more and more contracts bypassing the competition is to have a good looking and converting website.

Here are some examples of different types of contractor sites that you can copy or get inspiration from and create your own website.

Commercial General Contractor Websites Examples


Unique Builders Texas

The elegant website of Unique Builders offers services for home remodeling. The transitions and owner testimonials were two aspects of their design that I found appealing.

  • Social Media Handles are properly provided.
  • Customer Review & contact form is appelling
  • Cons
  • Old Fashioned
  • Nav Bar design could be improved
  • general-contractor-website-2

    Calframe Construction

    Calframe Construction is a construction firm having a modern website in every aspect if you are a beginner. I suggest you to visit this website at least one time to have a better idea of web design.

  • Lovely Feature Section
  • Nice Transitions
  • Cons
  • Great Contact Form
  • SSL Certificate is not present
  • general-contractor-website-3

    MLA General Contractor

    A website with ordinary look having a youtube video at start and then some designs and transitions. However use of some gorgeous pictures make it cool and swagy.

  • Lovely Transitions
  • Having a video with complete information of business.
  • Cons
  • Too much slow Loading.
  • Header can be better.
  • general-contractor-website-4

    Hanes Construction

    Hanes Construction is a website with full of animations and eye-catchy transition. It’s simple theme all along with pretty font is watchable. The Social Media Handles are provided in such a way that anyone can find it easy to contact to the owners

  • Gorgeous Theme
  • Services Section is praiseworthy
  • Cons
  • Logo Could’nt load early
  • Header can be improved
  • general-contractor-website-5

    Chi Renovation & Design

    A red and white combination of colors with blackish touch in theme all along with some beautiful transitions is Fabulous! User experience is provided in a well mannered way. Overall it is worthy likable. Pros

  • User reviews are well structured.
  • Relevant pictures are provided all over the websites.
  • Cons
  • Fonts must be improved.
  • Footer is too simple.
  • Painting Contractor Websites Examples

    paintcontractor websites

    Farm Painter LLC

    Farm Painter is a Painting Contractor Website with gorgeous red theme and pictures explaining their buisness in a well mannered way. It is somehow presenting old fashioned look which is a little flaw for me which could be updated in near future.

  • Transitions on Call To Action Buttons
  • Beautiful Logo
  • Cons
  • Header Length should be reduced
  • Font must be changed
  • Paint contractor website

    A & S Custom Painting

    A & S Custom Painting is a paint contractors website with a simple, not too flashy design with easy navigations and display image on front that reflects their business. A too simple website in this era is difficult to survive for any buisness.

  • All work experience is well explained.
  • Background Image is praiseworthy.
  • Cons
  • No Logo is even present.
  • Color scheme needs betterment.
  • Paint contractor websites

    Barta's Affordable Painting

    Barta's Affordable Painting is a general contractor website with a simple, not too flashy design with easy navigations and display image on front that reflects their business. A too simple website in this era is difficult to survive for any buisness.

  • Informative Video Of Buisness is provided.
  • Some classy fonts are present
  • Cons
  • A too simple website with a loading speed
  • Form all along with Header and footer should move to betterment
  • paint contractor websites

    Green Works Painting

    A relatable image is provided at the navigation bar. An accessible link is provided in picture for smooth communication and better user experience.

  • Pretty Image at start.
  • Video Expalaining Buisness
  • Cons
  • Website is full of text.
  • Buisness location should be in body not in footer.
  • Jondec Painting

    Jondec Painting is a paint contractors website with white and redish theme and beautiful transitions of some awesome pictures. A proper chatbox is provided to the users to smooth the communication gap. Some gorgeous sections add to the beauty of website.

  • Great Logo
  • Well designed Form.
  • Cons
  • Header needs a bit betterment.
  • Font can be changed.
  • Electrical Contractor Websites Examples

    Asset electric corp electric contractor

    Asset Electric Corp

    Asset Electric Corp is a electrical contractors website with modern era look. A website with some wonderfull transitions,stats and a beautiful review section. The website is really inspiring and praiseworthy too.

  • Inspiring Animations
  • Classy theme all along with stats.
  • Cons
  • Footer can be a little bit improved.
  • Review section font can be changed.
  • Ecny Electric contractor

    ECNY Electric

    Ecny Electric is a website with heart touching animations and beautiful picture but an issue with the site is it has very less content on the homepage also footer is not well prepared.

  • The eye catchy logo
  • Nice Transitions
  • Cons
  • Font is a thing this site must improve.
  • Footer also need changes.
  • Elpo Electrical Contracting

    ELPO Electrical Contracting

    Elpo Electrical Contracting needs a lot of changes in their website like there image is merging in the background picture which make a weird look when user first time reaches to the website. However this website has beautiful contact session.

  • Contact Section is improvising.
  • Social Media Handles are properly given.
  • Cons
  • Picture is merging with background.
  • Project details are given.
  • Eriello Electrical Contractor website design

    ERIELLO Licensed Electrical Contractor

    Eriello Licensed Electrical Contractor has a blue and yellow theme with beautiful push notification at the start. Overall it is a good website but still needs betterment because the start of body is not too good.

  • Gorgeous Logo
  • Nice Pictures
  • Cons
  • Too much yellow color is mixing.
  • Header is too much simple.
  • ICE electric contractor website design example


    Inter Connection Electric is a blackish theme website with blue color not making any contrast however picture on the start is really eye catchy. The Nav Bar is well organized and you can view a lot of options by just pointing mouse on nav Bar which is healthy practice.

  • Nav Bar is Good
  • Gorgeous Picture
  • Cons
  • Font is worst.
  • Form needs betterment.
  • Government Contractor Websites Examples

    Lockneed Martin Government contractor

    Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Martin is an american contractor website with a well equipped header. A beautiful picture on the start attracts the users and it’s way of expressing information is too good.

  • Push Notification and Cookie Acception is well themed
  • Nice Pictures are used.
  • Cons
  • Font can be changed.
  • A lot of white space can be removed.
  • Raytheon Technologies government contractor website

    Raytheon Technologies

    Raytheon Technologies is a government contractor's website with a lavish animation not only explaining their full business but also making an impact on user’s eye. For me it is a good website and must be visited.

  • Beautiful Pictures are used.
  • Cookies are asked first in a mannered way.
  • Cons
  • Deficiency of Text
  • Footer is normal not good.
  • General Dynamics government contractor Website

    General Dynamics

    A classy nav bar and logo of General Dynamics was something interesting for me. It is website worth viewable.

  • Gorgeous Logo
  • Good Font
  • Cons
  • High Loading Time
  • Pictures could’nt be loaded even after a long time
  • Boeing government contractor website


    Boeing is a global contracting website having some awesome pictures and a very eye-catching dropdown. Their transitions also make an impact on visitor.

  • Cool Pictures
  • Proper Guide of their buisness
  • Cons
  • Very Few text in homepage
  • Website gives a view of low data
  • Northrop Grumman Government contractor website

    Northrop Grumman

    A house painting website named Northrop Grumman has a beautiful theme with a blackish look. They are also providing your blog posts also about their services.

  • Had a cool logo on header
  • Some Eye Catching picture are present
  • Cons
  • Had a lot of empty space
  • Detail Deficiency on home page
  • Now you observed a lot of real websites 

    in terms of Best Contractor Website Design,

    here’s what to do next.

    Find Web Designer for Contractor Website Services

    I with my Team at My Code Free Website provide top-notch websites that are affordable if you are just starting off. The websites we build are completely SEO friendly and we focus on conversions along with design that makes you more sales. We provide top notch web design for contractor websites.

    Find Good Hosting

    Which is the best hosting for contractor sites? After experiencing so many hosting providers, we have figured out the best one.

    Selecting the Right Contractor Website Builder.

    Selecting the right website builder is very important.

    You can choose WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or any other platform you want. You can see a comparison of all of them here. I personally use WordPress because it gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization.

    Claim right domain.

    Claiming the right domain is very important if you are starting a new website.

    You can choose a good domain on Godaddy, Hostinger or any other famous platform. I personally use Hostinger because it offers a free domain with some of its hosting plans.

    website design for general contractors
    I’m wondering you enjoyed these website examples for contractors. If you are not a designer, you can let us know and we will help you design and build your website (30 min free consultation).

    I’m wondering you enjoyed these website examples for contractors. If you are not a designer, you can let us know and we will help you design and build your paint contractor website (30 min free consultation).

    Life Coach Website FAQ

    Making a contractor website is easier than ever. Choose good hosting, domain, and website builder and you can make it yourself easily.

    A web designer or developer can charge you from $1000 to $4000 for a good quality contractor website. But this guide will teach you how you can make your contractor website on WordPress.

    WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are the best website makers for life contractor sites design in 2022. Use Wix or Squarespace if you are a beginner although WordPress is for more advanced designs.

    Now you got it, its time to Launch your website!