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Freelancing in Pakistan - How to start Freelancing in Pakistan?

What is Freelancing in pakistan

Freelancing boom in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, freelancing is becoming more popular after COVID-19(2019-2022).

After the shutdown of all types of industry university graduates were seeking a way to start their career. Meanwhile freelancing was being promoted by some of the big names like Digiskills, and E-Rozgaar. And in a few months, there was a boom in freelancing.

The boom in Pakistan’s economy in the IT Sector caught the attention of the government. Government officials worked on some policies and made freelancing tax-free as a result Pakistan’s IT sector exports are expected to grow to approximately $3.5 billion this fiscal year, $0.4 billion of which is entirely from freelancing. 

Pakistan is ranked as the 4th most popular country for freelancing (Report by E-Rozgar) in the Online Labor Index published in 2017 by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and is consistently ranked among the top destinations for Internet Communications and Technology (ICT) outsourcing because of the exponential growth of the IT sector.

Freelancing course in Pakistan by the government:



National Freelance Training Program(NFTP)


Private Facilities to learn freelancing:



National Freelance Training Program(NFTP)


Best Freelancing Websites / Top Freelancing sites

We learned how to do freelancing in Pakistan, and now we will talk about the top freelancing sites and which one is better in which niche!

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platforms. It is mainly a nontraditional freelancing platform in Pakistan. Freelancers make a gig on Fiverr and wait for the employer to find and send the freelancer a message or order directly. 

This freelancing platform is very saturated in some fields, like Graphic design and typing jobs.

Freelancing typing jobs in Pakistan are very popular on Fiverr.

It’s very hard to rank a gig of graphic design on Fiverr although there are some expectations as well it takes a lot of effort. It’s better to choose a niche that is not saturated.

If you choose a trending and low competition niche, you can easily make money starting from $500 to $5000 per month.

Fiverr is very strict about its policies so be careful. If you violate its guidelines you can easily be banned on Fiverr. It’s better to be on multiple platforms rather than just depending on Fiverr.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a traditional freelancing website. In Pakistan, it is not as popular as Fiverr but it has more potential than Fiverr. If used correctly you can start earning $2000 to 10000$ after a few months.

Another reason for the potential is that after NATO Sanctions Russia and Upwork banned all the Russian accounts, there is a lot of vacuum for freelancers in Pakistan to enter the Upwork platform and fill up the space.

Upwork is not as strict as Fiverr but be careful about the policies Try to read them before using Upwork.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is also a traditional freelancing platform. In Pakistan, is very popular because of its not-so-strict policies and a lot of projects posted per day.

Being popular is a good thing but beware of a lot of scams that you will find on this platform.

If you use it correctly you can land high-paying jobs on it as well. But don’t forget to check whether the employer is verified as a freelancer or not before bidding on any project to avoid any scam.

4. Guru does not have strict policies just like Fiverr or Upwork. You can even share your email address in chat. Though not many people are familiar with this website that provide great chances to freelancers. There are 1.5 million professionals registered on this platform who offer their services to potential clients. Have first-hand knowledge about this as well prior to starting your freelancing journey.

5. People Per Hour

Over two million freelancers are offering their services through this platform as well. People per hour work on an hourly payment. The client pays the freelancers hourly.

6. Workchest

Workchest is an emerging Pakistani startup founded by Hisham Sarwar who is also the C.E.O of

The idea of the freelancing site in Pakistan is to boost the local companies and freelancers of Pakistan that will help the people of Pakistan and Asia to have their own local ecosystem.

Yes, this platform targets all the countries in Asia and enables them to have the local ecosystem that will keep them safe from being banned as freelancers just like Upwork did in Russia.

Workchest also introduces a community system in which people can interact just like social media. This feature looks gimmicky but let’s see how popular this platform can go.

Workchest provides the opportunity for both traditional and nontraditional freelancing.

Which skill is best for Freelancing?

When it comes to the best freelancing skills in Pakistan you can take a look at Upwork’s most in-demand skills below. You can learn any of the below skills and start earning money in a few months.

Upwork’s top 10 in-demand tech skills:

  1. Web Design
  2. WordPress
  3. Web Programming
  4. JavaScript
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. PHP
  8. Shopify
  9. API
  10. Graphic Design


Upwork’s top 10 in-demand marketing skills:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Facebook
  4. SEO
  5. B2B Marketing
  6. Instagram
  7. Marketing Strategy
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Marketing Research


Upwork’s top 10 in-demand customer service skills:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer Support
  3. Email Communication
  4. Phone Support
  5. Email Support
  6. Communication Etiquette
  7. Online Chat Support
  8. Answering Product Questions
  9. Data Entry
  10. Administrative Support

Freelancer Salary in Pakistan?

Freelance earnings depend on what type of niche you are an expert in. Freelancing has the potential to make you a millionaire if you do it right.

According to 2020 freelancer research data, freelancers in the United States earn an average hourly rate of $20. Freelancers working in web/mobile development, marketing, legal, accounting, and other skilled services earn an even higher $28/hour average wage.

In Pakistan, you can easily earn from $500 to $5000 as a beginner but the sky is the limit.

Best Bank for Freelancing in Pakistan?

The easiest bank account to open in Pakistan for freelancers are( my 3 choices):

Good for all types of banking and have physical branches.

Not have a physical branch but very good customer service. Provides 2 debit cards (1 virtual) with no yearly charges.

Payoneer also works as an international virtual bank account. Best for sending customers in other countries invoices and charging the for your services.

Jazzcash is a mobile payment company that let you withdraw money from Fiver through Payoneer.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan?

Learn a Skill

To start freelancing in Pakistan, the first and most important thing is to learn a skill that will help you do freelancing from the comfort of your home resulting in earning a lot of money.

You can learn

  1. Web Design
  2. WordPress
  3. Web Programming
  4. JavaScript
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. PHP
  8. Shopify
  9. API
  10. Graphic Design


and many more. To learn a skill you can check out some courses on different platforms like Udemy, and Skillshare or you can learn skills free of cost by searching Hisham Sarwar (owner or on youtube.

Try to master at least one skill before starting a freelance career in Pakistan.

Make a Profile on Freelancing websites and start earning!

Once you master a skill, the next step is to make a profile and optimized profile on all the famous platforms to ensure more chances of being hired.

Trending freelancing websites include Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer, and People Per Hour.


  1. Making a profile is very easy, just sign up on any freelancing website and fill up the details like you do while making a social media account. Learn here.
  2. After making an account, add your portfolio and use some of the best work that you practiced while learning your skill. Learn how to add a portfolio here.
  3. After adding your portfolio, bid on the project in your ‘’find jobs’’ section. Learn how to bid on projects here.

How to get Direct Clients to increase your freelance earnings?

Why its better to get Direct Clients?

If you are already a freelancer and want to increase your earnings, this is because you are not satisfied and you are compromising on your value proposition on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

This is because of too many people(freelancers) on freelance platforms. Now you are thinking about how you can improve your earnings and get a high-paying client. Let me tell you a cool way to bypass all the competition.

How to get freelance orders on your website?

In order to bypass the competition that you face on these freelance platforms, you need to make your own website and get orders directly from google search.

Wait, how can it be possible? What about the payments? I know you have a lot of questions, let me answer you quickly in a few steps!

Create & optimize your Website
  1. Create a website yourself or ask someone to do it for you. 
  2. Create a portfolio page to showcase your work
  3. Put an email newsletter and contact form so that clients can send queries when they visit your website.
  4. Put a chat tool to ensure quick replies.

questions, let me answer you quickly in a few steps!

Focus on S.E.O
  1. It is very important to S.E.O optimize your website so that it ranks on the first page on Google for your target keyword when someone searches the target keyword. You can hire an S.E.O expert to do it for you.
  2. S.E.O takes time so try to approach clients directly through Linkedin and other Social Media platforms. And try to redirect traffic from social media to your Website.
Get orders and Payments
  1. After landing your first order you need to work for the client with dedication and don’t forget to ask your satisfied clients for testimonials to display on your website.
  2. After order completion, now the big question is how to receive payments? Although there are tons of ways, I will recommend the simplest one. I recommend you to make a Payoneer account and use it as your payment processor. It works just like an international bank account. You can send an invoice directly through Payoneer to your client and he will pay by his card.


Freelancing has a great potential in pakistan because university graduates are facing problems finding new jobs. If you are thinking to start a career as a freelancer i recommend you to learn a skill and then enter the industry to be successful as soon as possible.

I hope this article is very helpful and will educate you enough to start or at least understand freelancing. If you are interested in learning about Freelancing, Web Design, or Web Development you can visit and subscribe to my newsletter to be educated every week with amazing information.

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