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Wix vs Webflow explained in 6 points

Wix Vs Webflow



Additionally to a free plan that you can use for as long as you want, Wix offers eight paid plans starting at $16 per month (billed annually).

With a custom plan for big businesses, Wix costs between $16 and $59 per month (paid annually). The Combo plan, which costs $16 a month and offers an ad-free website, is the least expensive; however, the Unlimited plan, which costs $22 a month, is excellent for independent contractors. Want some inspiration for your independent contractor website?

You must begin with one of Wix’s Business plans if you plan to engage in any e-commerce. Three options are available, with the $27/month Business Basic plan being the least expensive


For a single website with a few features that are run by a single person, Webflow’s plans start at $12 per month. Plans start at $29 per month for someone who wants an e-commerce website.

The overall cost for a non-e-commerce Webflow site starts at $31 per month for both a Core Workspace and a Basic Site plan, plus $19 per user, per month, for each additional member if you have a small team (as opposed to just one person). An e-commerce website run by a team will initially set you back $48 per month, plus $19 for each additional user.

2. Design & Customization:


Get total creative control using the platform. You can arrange items however you wish on your website thanks to drag-and-drop technology. Each component of the design can be changed. To get the ideal look, adjust the size, color, rotation, and alignment of the pieces. To develop a credible online presence, select from thousands of simple tools and built-in features.


Regarding the features, Webflow offers numerous opportunities for customization. It’s a straightforward, practical tool that even non-technical customers can use to create their own t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and other diverse items. It includes a vast library of clipart, text, images, colors, fonts, and other elements. Additionally, you can alter the graphics to match the style and dimensions of the sweater or t-shirt. Moreover, buyers can contribute custom design photos and if the resolution is low, the image is automatically restricted. By the way, if you want to hire someone to design your Wix or web flow website our service is available for you, contact our team to get a free quotation on your custom website design project.

3. E-Commerce Business:

Starting your eCommerce website is sometimes scary because you are looking at millions of options and you aren’t an expert on this. But don’t worry we are going to tell you about 2 best e-commerce store builders 


Wix makes eCommerce feasible. You can perform at a high level and with ease, that much is obvious. Even if it’s still difficult for you to believe, you’ll soon get a general idea. The best eCommerce website builder, and one that you will enjoy using a lot, is Wix. No matter what specialty you choose, you must first construct an internet business. With the fantastic and user-friendly Wix, you can perform a tonne of things regardless of whether your store is little or large.

What facilitates the quick building of your fantasy page?


The platform known as Webflow allows you ability to develop eye-catching animations, connections, and experiences that are ready for the public. Visit our Webflow blog to see how we utilize it to build eCommerce sites, landing pages, and websites for online businesses. With the help of the eCommerce extension for Webflow, you can create a website and start selling both physical and digital goods.

It also incorporates shipment management programs like Shippo. It allows you to receive shipping quotes, track, handle, print labels for your products, and send communications. With strong interactions and animations in your store, you may distinguish your online business from competitors beyond standard appearance to high-end quality.

4. Help & Support:


The support services of Wix are very very awesome. Complete aid is provided to the users as they know their users are important to them. So, they provide a great facility to resolve the issue and try their best to do as much as they can. Consequently, users found it more comfortable and recommended others too because of the service they have provided to the user. They also have phone support, live chat, and good forums. The plus point is you can get articles and tutorials which is an absolute blessing for beginners.


It is not permitted to call their customer service; but, if it helps, you can write an email to [email protected]. You’ll typically hear back from them within 24 hours, as I discovered, but for regular consumers, this community is the ideal place to ask questions.

By selecting the question mark symbol in the bottom right, Help & Feedback, and then the “Send us feedback or a help request” option, you may always submit a support request to the Designer on the concerned project if you’ve discovered a bug.

5. Blogging websites:


Wix’s blog tools are good; you can create categories, tags, schedule articles, and posts that are feature-related. Given how straightforward and easy to use the UI is, you’ll get used to it fast. The layout editor is less impressive than the website editor, and the posting features are decent but limited (no drag and drop, for example). You can add photographs, GIFs, stickers, and other elements, but you must utilize HTML, which is a component of this platform, to add tables or other elements of this nature. Get a ready-to-use blogging website for as low as $200.


You’ll begin by making minor adjustments to the visual style and content organization, but you’ll quickly want to add more customization. Additionally, Webflow is a fantastic platform for learning. You may make your blog a completely unique experience for your visitors as you experiment with the tool and watch our instructional tutorials. You truly need a CMS to blog quickly and efficiently (aka, content management system). While there are many choices available, Nothing is more simple than double-clicking a piece of text and modifying it. directly on the page. While upgrading your website, it’s similar to writing and editing on Medium. Awesome.

6. SEO Rankings’ Extensions:


Wix offers a number of in-house, specialized SEO tools. Site Booster is included with the most popular Wix plan, Unlimited, or higher; Free and Combo plan members must pay $3.75 per month for this service. In addition, Site Booster offers a tonne of exceptional SEO features, including the capacity to focus on particular keywords, incorporate your company address in search results, and assess success. Wix excels over other website builders because it offers so many SEO-focused capabilities. In Wix extended connections, including Google Analytics, have been added. You may view real-time user interactions with your website thanks to this connection.


Webflow allows you to deploy any changes live without depending on engineers, giving you fine-grained control over SEO markup, indexing rules, redirects, and more. Meanwhile, the number one SEO plugin for WordPress as well as Webflow users is called Yoast and is used by over 5 million websites. It offers free and premium services (although the free option is minimal).


  1. What is Wix?

Wix is a provider of software as a service. When it comes to developing and publishing your portfolio, small company website, blog, or online store, Wix is an online website builder that offers users drag-and-drop simplicity. Get a free quotation on custom designed wix website here

  1. How do I contact Wix?

You can approach Wix by emailing them, establishing a chat with a live representative on their website, contacting their hotline, or leaving them a message on one of the social media sites. Alternatively, if you want self-service help, you can access their knowledge base.

  1. What is Webflow used for?

For the creation of responsive websites and other digital assets, Webflow is a no-code web design platform for designers, marketers, and developers. In addition to being a website builder, Webflow also offers hosting and a powerful content management system (CMS).

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