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WordPress VS Wix | Which one is better for your business in 2022?

Wordpress vs Wix Review

Let me guess it, you are looking to start your business or personal website and you decided to find a WordPress vs Wix review and see which one is better? The question is a little tricky but I have made a comparison in 9 categories which will help you find a good fit for your website.

1. Pricing

As far as pricing is concerned both websites have free as well as paid plans too. However, if you wanna be economical and choose free plugins and addons then WordPress is highly recommended. Here are the pricing details discussed in depth.

Wix is a platform recently introduced for website development services. A very great website for small businesses it is. All you need is hosting which is provided by Wix on its own but it doesn’t support other platforms. So, let’s decide its pricing if you have a domain and wanna buy hosting as well as apps to make your website eye-catchy then its basic plan starts from $16, and for a normal website could cost you about $20-$25, but a fully-fledged plan could cost you about $50-$55

For the Wix website & hosting, you can click on the link

Website Hosting Plans of Wix.

WordPress is an old, open-source, and well-known platform for web development. If you want a more customized website then you must have listened to WordPress. To develop a website on this platform you should have a domain name and a hosting plan too. Also, it supports all hosting platforms which is a plus point. If you want to have an advanced website with a lot of functionalities then you can use plugins and different themes which are both paid and free. If you are a small business and wanna develop a website for free you can use this awesome platform. But if you are a large business and want a fully equipped website, you can use some paid themes and plugins, which will hardly cost you $45-$50.

To purchase a domain and hosting plan you can check out the given links.

For Domain purchase

For Hosting Plans

2. Design & Customization

Designing and Branding a website is the most essential and crucial part of any business. So, we must know which tool provides us with more customization and design flexibility, this question is asked by most developers. Let me explain actually, it all depends upon your theme and on your design however, if we talk about customization then WordPress is far better in this feature than anyone else. You can install different third-party plugins & themes which enhance your customization to a great level. But the only problem with WordPress is you need to start on a blank canvas. Still, this issue can be resolved by installing different types of themes that will provide a pre-built design and you only have to replace the information & images according to your business. But it’s not enough to change it according to your business, you have to keep in mind the SEO Aspects. Anyways WordPress is the clear winner in terms of design and customization.

3. E-Commerce Business

E-commerce websites are a basic need of the time. But wait! Which one is ahead in the race of e-commerce business which is a question of the moment?

Wix: For Small Business

Wix is a site that only has paid plans of e-commerce and is not available in the free version which means you must pay. Wix allows payments through its native platforms and third-party apps like Paypal etc and adds injury to it, you need to pay 2.9% charges and 0.30 USD for the region which makes this choice a bad option for users. However, it is very useful for small businesses and efficiently handles the data but if you are planning for a large business website then it’s not a good option for you.

WordPress: For Large Business

WordPress is an old giant in the world of development and with the passage of time has improved its services. It is a great choice if you are a large business as it provides a lot of storage, unlike Wix. Also, the payments made by customers can be received on third-party apps with great ease and facility with a minimum tax or any sales cut which is a plus point. For an e-commerce store, you need to install some plugins. Also for easy and safe payments, you can use MemberPress and for easy downloads of e-books, etc you can use Easy Digital Downloads. Also, some great woo-commerce themes are present which is another plus point


So once again WordPress is the winner.

4. User Experience

User Experience is essential if you want your client to stay and revisit as it adds value to them. So, here is a brief discussion about the user experience and ease of use of both websites.


Wix is a platform with too easy and simple drag and drops interference. It provides you to edit and create websites without even prior knowledge and add to it you even don’t need plugins to start with. Wix also provides you with a great user experience. This platform is as easy as a piece of cake and can be used by a layman. It is indeed a great website builder.


WordPress provides you with a blank canvas and you need to install plugins and software which creates a bit of difficulty for beginners. Also, editing is not as easy as Wix because you even need to install themes. It’s better to hire a web designer to make you a fully customized website if you choose WordPress because as a beginner you will not be able to use WordPress at full capacity.


So, Wix is a clear winner of this contest 

5. Help & Support

Help & support is a service that helps users of a platform to resolve issues they user is facing related to the platform. So, its significance for most users increases to a great extent.


The support services of the new platform are very very awesome. Complete aid is provided to the users as they know their users are important to them. So, they provide a great facility to resolve the issue and try their best to do as much as they can. Consequently, users found more comfortable and recommend others too because of the service they have provided to the user. They also have phone support, live chat, and good forums. The plus point is you can get articles and tutorials which is an absolute blessing for beginners.


Let’s talk about WordPress’s support and help. So, let me say it doesn’t even have a support system. If you are facing some serious kind of problems and wanna solve them then you need to find your own from Google or elsewhere, and no help would be provided by the platform which is the worst thing and must be improved.


Without even any doubt Wix is a winner of the contest.   

6. For Blogging websites

A blog is a conversation or instructional website that is published on the Internet and consists of brief, frequently casual text postings that resemble diary entries. Here is a comparison of the blogging features of both websites.


The blog features on Wix are good; they let you make categories, tags, schedule entries, and feature-related posts. You’ll quickly become accustomed to the interface because it is so clear and simple. The posting features are adequate but limited, and the layout editor is less remarkable than the website editor (no drag and drop, for example). You can add images, Gifs, stickers, etc but if you wanna add tables or anything like this you need to use Html which is a cone of this platform. 


WordPress is too good for blog posting as it has a complete panel of blogging in its editors. Blogging customization is so high that unlike Wix you can create tables without using Html which is good, but still, there are some features that can be assessed by using Html. There are a lot of features that you can explore on your own, because of its high range of features you may find it difficult to learn it but believe me this technical knowledge would be beneficial for you in the long term.


WordPress is a bit more useful than Wix. So, here there is a tie.

7. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is an online digital certificate that verifies your identity on the internet. It is compulsory nowadays for websites to have an SSL certificate because browsers mark websites as insecure and recommend users not to open the website but their own risk which causes a great decline in visitors to the website. So, an SSL certificate is a must for websites. As far as an SSL certificate is concerned you can get a free SSL certificate from WordPress plugins which is a great relief for users as they don’t need to pay extra charges. In Wix, you may or may not find an SSL certificate as it depends on your plan.


WordPress and Wix both provide free SSL certificates but in Wix, you may have to pay. 

8. Maintenance

Maintenance is the main concern for most businesses. So, before creation maintenance must be kept in view. Therefore we would compare platforms for maintenance purposes. Wix is a platform for small businesses as described earlier. If you are a small business then maintenance is not the main concern for you on Wix and you can manage it in a well-mannered way. But if you are a big business and have long-term plans then you must switch to WordPress as it is a platform specially built for large businesses with a lot of flexibility and ease.


WordPress for big Business maintenance is better. 

9. SEO Rankings’ Extensions


  A number of in-house, focused SEO apps are available from Wix. The most popular Wix plan, Unlimited, or above subscribers receive Site Booster free of charge; Free and Combo plan subscribers must pay $3.75 per month for this service. Additionally, Site Booster provides a tonne of unique SEO tools, like the ability to target specific keywords, integrate your company address in search results, and measure success.

  With so many SEO-focused tools available, Wix stands out above other website builders. Our comprehensive Wix SEO review has further information on the platform’s complete SEO capabilities.

  Since we previously examined Wix’s SEO, other extended connectors, including Google Analytics, have been implemented. This integration makes it possible for you to view visitors’ interactions with your website in real time, which is really cool!


Meanwhile, the number one SEO plugin for WordPress users is called Yoast and is used by over 5 million websites. It offers free and premium services (although the free option is minimal).

The Yoast costs you $99 and provides many facilities such as editing multimedia, internal linking, etc. This tool is super best for improving Seo rankings and makes WordPress dominate over Wix.


WordPress is the winner.


Which is better: Wix or WordPress?

Both are better for small and large businesses. However, Wix is easy to use but WordPress costs you less.  

Is WordPress totally free?

It depends upon your usage. If you are a beginner and want a typical website then it may cost you free. Otherwise, you need to install plugins and themes which may cost you. 

How much does it cost to build a website with Wix?

It is all according to your plan. If you need a typical website you need to have $20-$25. But if you need a high profile and fully fledged website it may cost up to $55.  

Which is faster, Wix or WordPress?

Wix is faster as its own host and some apps speed up your website and visitors wouldn’t face any difficulty on your website. 

I’m a small business. Which one is better for me?

If you are a small business and want to do the whole work without costing a penny WordPress is better. But if you want quality work you may move to Wix.

Is Wix or WordPress easier to use?

Wix is easy to use and even a layman can create a website on it but WordPress is low to your pocket and you may do the whole work for free.

Final Words

To summarize I would say that both WordPress and Wix are powerful tools and have pros as well as cons. If you can have a lot of customization in WordPress then you can have great help & support systems in Wix. Although WordPress is an old competitor Wix has challenged it a lot. To conclude I would say there is a lot of work that needs to be done on both platforms and enhancement in services would improve quality of life as well.

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